A Look Back featuring Variations Alum, Chloe Chaudhury

How has dance impacted your life?headshot_BW

Variations was definitely a huge part of my growth as a dancer.  Dance has now integrated itself into every facet of my life- being a dancer is not an identity that I “step into” when I’m in technique class and “step out of” when I leave. Dance has given me a heightened appreciation for all of the amazing things our human bodies are capable of, and thus made me even more excited about becoming a doctor one day. Dancing has brought me friends, strength, and pure joy!

What skills have you learned from dance that have helped you in college/life?28219_576388241499_1073712_n (1)

Dance has taught me to be committed and dedicated, and most importantly that putting in hard work will always pay off. I have also learned invaluable communication skills through dance, that is, with my teachers, professors, peers, and students. Throughout college, dance has kept me focused and scheduled- when you always have rehearsals, you have to become resourceful with your time! Finally, especially throughout the end of high school and college, dancing proved to me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Favorite dance memory/role/performance:314409_2252460303828_594508499_n

This is tough. I have some great memories from hip hop class, like having a plank-holding contest against the boys! I also loved performing at the museum for the Chinese heritage celebration, when our skirts were tied together. Recently, I loved performing at the American College Dance Association conference in Tennessee with the AU Dance Ensemble: we did a piece called “Remembering” that was set on us by master choreographer Bill Evans. It was a sad piece, but I got really close with the women dancing with me and over all it was such a cool experience.

1966212_793996540623699_6493165306446951075_o (1)Biggest challenge that you have overcome while dancing?

I have overcome a couple of injuries, which have always posed a huge challenge. It is really hard to stop doing what you love for even two weeks to let your body rest and heal, but it is definitely necessary. In high school, I had a lot of knee issues from also running cross country, and last semester I hurt my back and had to take some time off to let myself heal. It’s tough, but worth it in the end.


What do you miss most about life at the studio?

Definitely getting to see and spend time with some amazing dancers and teachers basically every day! It was always great coming after school and catching up with the girls I didn’t get to see in school. I also miss the constant progress, learning choreography, preparing for a performance, doing a fun new project (like Choreography for a Cause to benefit Storybook Farm), etc.

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 Favorite dance style?

This is also so tough and has definitely evolved over the last four years. I would probably have to say hip hop. Although I also LOVE improvisation which goes across dance styles!

Words of wisdom to a younger dancer:

Keep going! You are beautiful and incredible and there is so much left for you to discover about your moment abilities and affinities. Don’t be afraid to try new movements or dance styles, because you may be surprised at what you find!
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Chloe Chaudhury is an Auburn University senior in the Honors College majoring in biochemistry in the College of Sciences and Mathematics with a minor in dance in the College of Liberal Arts.  She is current nominee for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.  Chloe hopes to study at the University of Oxford to further her studies towards becoming a pediatric oncologist.  She would like to incorporate dance psychotherapy into a cancer treatment regiment for her future patients.

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