The Winning Pointe featuring Variations Alum, Emily Yosten

Photo By Ashley KickliterHow has Dance impacted your life?

Dance has made me a more aware, hard-working, forgiving, humble, grateful, compassionate, confident, and patient person. It has made me a team-player and as a result, provided me with invaluable friends and mentors. It has given me an outlet to express my creativity and it has given me the dream of one day working with professional dancers.

What skills have you learned from participating in dance that have helped you in college?

Photo by Ashley KickliterOne thing I’ve learned from dance that’s helping me now in college is to stay on top of things. If I forgot to review choreography for an upcoming performance, I wasn’t able to accomplish as much during rehearsal. If I didn’t spend my time wisely and get homework done throughout the week, I might be forced to skip dance class.  I’m thankful I got this lesson early because college classes are no joke!

What do you miss most about studio life?

I miss Variations in so many ways, but I miss most the people I saw almost every day. Stacy, EJ, Tara, and other instructors poured into me by setting outstanding examples of how to lead well, by speaking encouragement and wisdom, and by giving me numerous opportunities to use my gifts. I enjoyed the camaraderie between the dancers in my age group, and I became close friends with a few that I know I’ll have in my life for a long time. We were all there for each other, and I loved being a part of that encouraging group. I also formed relationships with several younger dancers who I had the privilege of pouring into as well. I’m so looking forward to watching the young ones grow into beautiful people.

Another thing I’ve learned from dance is to fail gracefully when I do happen to fail. There were many moments in my time dancing that I did not meet my goals, but those moments taught me how to move past those setbacks and use them to improve. I haven’t “failed” anything major in college, but I have already made some mistakes, and I’m sure to make a few more. Because of dance I know how to have grace for myself and learn from those mistakes.

Photo by Stacy Young

What was your favorite role to perform?

My favorite role to perform was Odette from Swan Lake. It was my first time performing with a partner, and I feel like the role of Odette challenged me to perform with more artistry.

What was your biggest hurdle while dancing?

The biggest dance hurdle I accomplished was fighting with extremely painful big toes. For years they would become unbearable after an hour or so on pointe, no matter what kind of padding I had in my pointe shoes. The constant pain held me back from dancing freely and focusing more on improving my technique. This was especially frustrating when it came time for performances and I wanted to dance my best on stage.  My last year of dancing, right before Nutcracker, I finally found a way of padding my pointe shoes that eliminated the pain – and with makeup sponge wedges, imagine that.

Do you have any words of wisdom for a younger dancer?Photo by Stacy Young

To a younger dancer – don’t compare yourself to others and don’t expect to be perfect. Learn from your mistakes, learn from other’s strengths and weaknesses, and intentionally improve yourself. Don’t take your sphere of influence lightly. Act consistently with who the Lord is and what He desires, and thank Him through everything.  Remember that your story is beautiful.


Emily is a 2005 Variations graduate and is currently studying kinesiology / pre-physical therapy at UAB.  

Tutus & Tiaras Preballet 2015 Summer Camps

IMG_8876Join us for a magical week where 3-4yr. old students will learn classical terminology and utilize creative movement while having fun!  Our Tutus & Tiaras camp is perfect for young students who have a desire to dance!

Tutus & Tiaras Camp Dates:

Session 1:  June 8th-12th from 2:00-3:00PM
Session 2:  July 13th-17th from 2:00-3:00PM
Cost:  $60 per session

*Please note that our Preballet camps have a class size limit and reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Click to download the Summer Camp Registration 2014 or contact us to reserve a spot for your budding ballerina:


Phone:  334.275.5013

Office Hours:

Mondays-Thursdays from 12:30-7:00PM
Fridays from 12:30-5:30PM

We look forward to dancing with you soon!  Please let us know if you have any questions about our program!


1150157_564176206964205_591314477_nThe Only Run Where a Tutu is a Must.

Don’t miss your chance to sparkle in your sneakers at our 3rd Annual Tutu Run and Tippy Toe Run on Friday, October 3rd!  This hilarious event is guaranteed fun for the WHOLE family!  We have to race levels:

The Tippy Toe Run (1 mile fun run for Toddlers-6yrs.)  Race Fee:  $18

The Tutu Run (A 2.2. mile run for 7+yrs.)  Race Fee:  $20

***Please note we rescheduled both events due to expected inclement weather on October 3rd.  The new date and event location are noted below:

***When:  October 5th, 20141382881_564176630297496_1266016595_n

***Where:  Ogletree Village


  • The Tippy Toe Run:  Runners meet at 4:30PM to pick up race packets and shirts;  Race begins at 5:00PM
  • The Tutu Run:  Runners meet at 5:30PM to pick up race packets and shirts;  Race begins at 6:00PM

Registration Info:  Race fee includes race packet and T-shirt.  You must register prior to September 20th to guarantee a race shirt.  Please note that ALL registration for this event will take place online; However, we will accept registrations prior to both events on October 5th, but cannot guarantee a T-shirt at that time.

Click HERE below to purchase your race ticket now!

Race Swag:  All “family friendly” tutus, sparkles, tulle, and glam accessories are welcome and required to participate!  Best dressed tutu runners will receive special prizes throughout the event!

Spread the Cheer:  All race fees will help support the Variations company dancers in their upcoming Nutcracker performances. We appreciate your support!