Courses Offered


Students will be placed into respective classes based on age, ability, and previous training at the discretion of the faculty. We strongly encourage students to take at least two classes to broaden their dance abilities and discover their interest and talents.


Classical ballet is the foundation for all other styles of dance. This class will help students develop poise, grace, and balance. Students will progress to pointe with the teacher’s guidance and approval.


Pre-pointe is designed to strengthen ballet students who wish to advance to pointe and ballet students who want to continue their pointe training. Students must be nine years of age to take pre-pointe. Students must also have this class to progress to pointe.


Jazz if a fun and energetic type of dance. We will work to upbeat popular music and strongly emphasize technique. We will work on strengthening and conditioning as well as learning the latest dance moves.

Musical Theater/”Broadway”:

This course is designed to integrate jazz and technical steps while adding a broadway feel to each move. This is a also a form of jazz, but routines and steps will be more character based and expressive.


An upbeat form of jazz that includes fun and funky steps to today’s popular tunes. This class will be focused on the rhythm patterns within music and various isolations of body movement.


Lyrical is a style of dance that mixes ballet and jazz steps to create fluid, yet technical movements. We will work on strengthening the performance quality of each student while focusing on technique.


The stretch class is designed to elongate and strengthen muscle groups and improve overall fitness and movement quality. This class is often associated with the trained dancer, but can be taken without having a technical dance background. Beginning and advanced level stretch classes are available.

Adult Classes:

This class is designed for the adult participant who wants to learn dance technique or continue their dance training in jazz or ballet. Previous dance training is not required!  We will also have Adult Mini-Sessions regularly to accomodate those who cannot commit to long term courses.

Preballet (Ages 3-4):

Preballet classes are 45 minutes long. The class consists of basic ballet technique. Students will also be exposed to creative movement exercises and introduced to musicality. Due to the variances within early childhood development, the 3 and 4-year olds are grouped together in classes based upon the level most suitable for their abilities.

5/6 Year Combo Class:

This class is designed for 5 and 6 year old students. The student will be given ballet instruction for the first half of class and will alternate between jazz and tap for the second half of class. The 5/6 combo class allows the young dancer to be exposed to various styles of dance and helps prepare students for beginning level classes.


We are now offering an adult class due to the large requests.  This class has been designed to stregthen, stretch, and tone your physique in a fun and relaxing manner.  Parents and young adults are invited to attend.  No previous dance training is required!  (We recommended that you bring a floor mat with you to class.)