Special Events

We value the benefits of performance opportunities for our students.

Our 2014-2015 Company Dancers celebrating their upcoming season at Greystone Mansion.

Each year, we host in-house Christmas Demonstrations, a Nutcracker Performance series, participate in competitive events, and provide multiple Spring Performances in May.  We believe that these events help to build confidence and stage presence within our students.  In addition to the performance opportunities, we will also have special charitable events throughout the dance year to help build positive relationships among the students, parents, and staff at Variations.

Most of the magic happens during class time.  The moments where we see students grasp concepts to improve their movement quality or simply challenging each other to strive to their fullest potential as a team.  We know that the discipline of dance is strenuous and therefore like to provide some added moments of laughter to encourage the positive team development.

CHOREOGRAPHY FOR A CAUSE:  Our Company Dancers were outstanding in their performance to raise funds for Storybook Farm, a local non-profit faith-based organization that provides equine assisted activities to children with special needs.  This makes our total donation to be over $30,000 since we began CAC.  Participants shared their talent and passion for dance while realizing the value of their philanthropic efforts within the community.  We are extremely proud of all who particpated in this wonderful event!

Our studio is also the only studio in our area that produces an annual Nutcracker performance  series within our curriculum.  We are thrilled to have Nutcracker within our repertoire!

Further details about special events coming soon!